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Help Animalkind rescue abandoned, homeless, abused and injured cats. It’s through your donations that we can keep the shelter running, providing free or low-cost medical services, and spreading awareness of the problem of the proliferation of unwanted cats.

Please give generously–Animalkind is a recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Our rescue work depends on the support of people like you!


 Make a donation using PAYPAL →    


 Make a donation through the Network for Good.


Making a one-time monetary donation isn’t the only way you can help the AnimalKind shelter. Here are three other ways to make a difference!


Animalkind’s mission to rescue cats and provide them with love and a home is accomplished one cat at a time. Your monthly pledge of $25.00 can pay for the care of a rescued cat–from his or her food and litter to spaying/neutering and medical attention. You’ll be showing your compassion by helping us take care of as many cats as possible.

Click on the banner above or this link to the Network for Good and select a monthly recurring donation amount of $25 with “sponsor a cat” as the designation to help us on a continual basis.



We are always in need and appreciate any of the following supplies for donation:

        →blankets                                        canned food    

                              →kitty toys                                       cat beds

                              →scratching posts                         baby wipes  

                              →cleaning supplies                       bleach  

                              →paper towels                               Windex

                              →pet odor control spray               disinfectant spray



Volunteer at the shelter. Whether you can spend 2 hours a week or 24 hours a week, we need you!

  • Morning hours: Cleaning the adoption center, vet trips, trapping
  • From 12-4pm: help with brushing kitties, cleaning ears, petting the rescues, etc.
  • General:  mailing, fundraising, foster caring


Foster-care cats and kittens: Foster homes and care are needed for cats and kittens while Animalkind seeks purr-fect adoptive homes. We will provide you with food and will be in constant contact with you. As we sometimes have unusually high numbers of cats come to us all at once (as in the case of a fire or other disaster), we are sometimes overwhelmed and in sudden need of “foster parents.” 

Caretaker: Currently we are feeding 180 cats in 15 managed colonies. We have several caretakers who visit the colonies on a daily base to feed and monitor the cats for newcomers or cats who need medical attention. If you are interested in being a caretaker, contact us.

Trapper: The demand for our trap/neuter/return service is growing and we need trappers who can respond to a situation and will trap the cats as well as transport them to and from one of our veterinarians. Our traps are humane and effective and have no springs or sharp parts.

Public Relations: We need people who can offer computer skills and some spare time for public relations, advertising, design, creating food-boxes, newsletters, mailings, grant research and writing, fund raising, etc.

Carpenters: To build shelters for cats in the winter.

If you are interested, please contact us at: (518) 822-8643

(For insurance reasons, volunteers must be at least 18 years of age or older please.)


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