BEAU:  Cute as a button, Beau is a gentle 3 year-old gal! She was rescued from a large hoarding situation. Are you in search of a loving female laid-back beautiful feline? Lucky you — you’ve found her!

Want to take Beau home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


MADELINE: Sweetie alert! Madeline was born approximately mid-April 2013 as a stray in Greenville, NY. She is a beautiful girl that gets along very well with other felines and with children. Please fill out an adoption application for her if you are looking for a young, gentle girl!

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DOUGLAS: Sweet, calm, and handsome, Douglas is a cuddlebug waiting for YOU! He was found as a stray on Glenwood Blvd. in Hudson. He is approximately 3 1/2 years old. If you are in search of a tri-color relaxing companion, Douglas could be your match!

Want to take Douglas home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


SAMMY: Rescued from living as a stray in Acra, NY, Sammy is a gorgeous 3-4 year old black-coated domestic short haired boy. He is a very gentle, friendly, sweetheart! His life as a stray is over, his life as a rescue is now, and his life as an adopted rescue is soon to come! Please be the one to commit to providing him with a forever, happy home.

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20140112/Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter:  Are you ready to fall in love? This handsome, soft-furry 3 year old feline is ready for a happy home! He came to us with a genetic condition called entropion, in which a portion of the eyelid is inverted or folded inward against the eyeball. He had corrective surgery and is now one of our office cats! He is a love beyond words and follows you wherever you go. Once you pet him once, he will stick by your side, close his eyes, and purr his little heart out!

Want to take Peanut Butter home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


20140111/ May
MAY:  This beautiful long-hair Dilute Calico female was adopted from Animalkind as a kitten 6 years ago. Her humans divorced, and neither wanted to take custody of this sweet and gentle cat. She belongs in a more deserving home….perhaps yours!

Want to take May home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!



PETUNIA:  Looking for a lovely girl to call your own? Meet Petunia! She is a very sweet silky black-coated 5 year-old gal rescued from a Brooklyn home when her owner was incarcerated. She was left alone, sad, confused, and hungry. Now she is warm, full-bellied, and eager to start her life again in a true forever home. Please give this friendly feline a chance!

Want to take Petunia home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


20140118/Sleepy Hollow Kittens - Dawn & Melanie

SLEEPY HOLLOW KITTENS:  These two adorable, precious, friendly, affectionate kittens (Dawn & Melanie) were dumped in a box at the Sleepy Hollow Realty office in Athens, NY, one *freezing* January morning with no notice or explanation!!  They appear to have been born approximately in early August. Because they are friendly and socialized, it is clear that they are accustomed to affectionate human attention. Initial kitten medical care, vaccines, and spays/neuters are included with their adoption, which for now is free to qualified adopters (although a donation would be nice). Don’t let these adorable felines wait any longer to be loved, adored, and cherished!  They will be ready to go home in early February.

Want to take home a kitten….or two?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


20140109/ Zorro

ZORRO:  This very friendly, all black, gorgeous boy was born approximately March 2013. He was surrendered as a stray from Greenville Country Estates in Greenville, NY. He is a very lovable guy that would do very well in all types of households! Being under a year old, he loves to play, is very curious, and very affectionate!

Want to take Zorro home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


CHAMP:  Champ is a very handsome, very friendly, very playful and lovable 1 year-old! He was surrendered by his owner from the Syracuse/Rochester area. He has a very soft tri-colored coat and beautiful eyes. His adventurous and engaging personality will make you fall in love immediately! Come by and meet our wonderful Champ, he’ll be waiting in our office to meet you, as he is one of Animalkind’s office cats!

Want to take Chance home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


KASEY:  This guy is a real Lap cat and loves to be petted. Kasey is quiet, affectionate, non-aggressive, and will love to sleep with you!

Want to take Kasey home? Fill out an adoption application with us today!


GRACIE:  Gracie is a lovely seven year-old girl. She was originally rescued from a Stottville, NY, cruelty case. She deserves a loving home, as does every feline in this world! She has been patient waiting for a family to come by and take her home. So please don’t let her wait any longer! Come by and meet Gracie today!

Want to take Gracie home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


20140105/Tiger Boy
TIGER BOY: Tiger is a cutie-patootie white and gray-tiger mix. He was initially rescued as a feral stray, we think about 7 years old. It turned out he couldn’t be more friendly….AND handsome! He is ready to conquer your heart if you give him the chance.

Want to take Tiger Boy home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


TIGER:  Tiger is a handsome 5 year-old gray and white tiger kitty. He was surrendered by an elderly couple in Lake Katrine, NY. He is eager to walk through the doors of a new loving home and cuddle up in a warm kitty bed!

Want to take Tiger home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


OREN:  Oren is a very cute orange Tabby girl who is about 1 1/2 years old. This sweet cat was surrendered by her owner who could no longer care for her. She seems bewildered at being taken from her home. Oren is a cuddlebug galore and looking for YOU to give her a new chance!

Want to take Oren home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


GEM:  Gem is an adorable, one-eyed girl surrendered in November with a litter of kittens. She was born approximately early October. Her eye was removed due to an infection that she was unfortunately suffering at the time of her surrender. She is on the shyer side and would be best growing up in a quiet home with devotion and commitment to her needs. She is a tiny sweetheart that would love YOUR love!

Want to take GEM home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!




SAVANNAH:  Savannah is a friendly beauty! She is a 2 year old female surrendered from a hoarding situation. She has a beautiful, black smooth coat and bright green eyes. She gets along very well with other felines and is very loving. She will make some fortunate human a loyal pet.

Want to take Savannah home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


DARA:  Dara is a 2 year-old all-black kitty with soft, medium long-haired fur. She was surrendered to Animalkind as a stray from the Claverack, NY, area. She is a very gentle, accepting, and docile girl who wants only to snuggle and cuddle with her FURever family!

Want to take Dara home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


20131226/Kathy's Kitten

KATHY’S KITTEN:  This little cutie was born approximately early October and is a male. He is furry, friendly, cute as a button, and looking for a home.  We don’t have a lot of kittens this  time of year, so if you are interested in this little one, you should consider getting your Adoption Application emailed to in advance.

Want to take this kitten home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!



29 Joe

JOE:  Joe is a 2 year-old Domestic Short-Haired grey and white friendly guy! He was rescued from an abandoned apartment where he was neglected for two weeks. He walks around confidently with a small frame and a very friendly, loving attitude. Please come by to meet Joe today!

Want to take Joe home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!

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