20131226/Kathy's Kitten

KATHY’S KITTEN:  This little cutie was born approximately early October and is a male. He is furry, friendly, cute as a button, and looking for a home.  We don’t have a lot of kittens this  time of year, so if you are interested in this little one, you should consider getting your Adoption Application emailed to in advance.

Want to take this kitten home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!



20140103/Glitz update

GLITZ:  Glitz is a pretty girl, born approximately early July who, like her name, shines! This elegant girl is playful, yet affectionate, and gets along great with all!

Want to take Glitz home?  Fill out an adoption form with us today!



JANICE:  This adorable little Tuxedo girl was born approximately mid-July and will do great in any household. Janice is carefree and gets along with all!

Want to take Janice home?  Fill out an adoption form with us today!


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