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BEAU:  Cute as a button, Beau is a gentle 3 year-old gal! She was rescued from a large hoarding situation. Are you in search of a loving female laid-back beautiful feline? Lucky you — you’ve found her!

Want to take Beau home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


MADELINE: Sweetie alert! Madeline was born approximately mid-April 2013 as a stray in Greenville, NY. She is a beautiful girl that gets along very well with other felines and with children. Please fill out an adoption application for her if you are looking for a young, gentle girl!

Want to take Madeline home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


DOUGLAS: Sweet, calm, and handsome, Douglas is a cuddlebug waiting for YOU! He was found as a stray on Glenwood Blvd. in Hudson. He is approximately 3 1/2 years old. If you are in search of a tri-color relaxing companion, Douglas could be your match!

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SAMMY: Rescued from living as a stray in Acra, NY, Sammy is a gorgeous 3-4 year old black-coated domestic short haired boy. He is a very gentle, friendly, sweetheart! His life as a stray is over, his life as a rescue is now, and his life as an adopted rescue is soon to come! Please be the one to commit to providing him with a forever, happy home.

Want to take home?  Fill out an adoption application with us today!


FLUFF: Take a close look at this boy… Fluff is beyond handsome, lovable, and friendly. He was found by a local Hudson resident on Roxbury Road. The lady cannot keep Fluff but is wondering if he is someone’s missing cat because he is neutered and declawed. Please share this photo and story and help Fluff find his way back home! If you think he is your kitty, or if you would just like to take him home, please contact Marion Hess at 518-672-7512.


20140113/ Lucy &  Jasper 120140113/Lucy &  Jasper 4

Lucy and Jasper were 11 weeks old when they came into rescue 12/13/13 because the people who bought them forgot to check with their landlord to see if pigs were accepted as house pets. And…no…the landlord would not allow them. They will be adopted together.  Should you be in a position to provide  these lovelies with their forever home, please call Julia at 518-249-4588. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ANIMALKIND ABOUT THESE PETS. THEIR CONTACT PERSON IS JULIA AT 518-249-4588. Lucy and Jasper’s adopters will need to agree to a home visit, provide a vet reference, pay an adoption fee of $250 per pig, and be the most suitable, knowledgable and loving applicants. Below are dated videos of the piglets with their most recent youtubes first.

Piglets January 9, 2013: 
Pigs Out and About, 12/16/13:
Pigs Out and About, 12/16/13 Part 2:
Pigs Out and About, 12/16/13 Part 3:
Pigs Out and About, 12/16/13 Part 4:
Pigs and Pups 12/21/13:
Just Arrived 12/13/13:
Just ArrivedPart 2:
Just Arrived Part 3:
Just Arrived Part 4:
Just Arrived Part 5:

20140113/ Lucy &  Jasper320140113/ Lucy &  Jasper 4

Should you be in a position to provide  these lovelies with their forever home, please call Julia at 518-249-4588. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ANIMALKIND ABOUT THESE PETS. THEIR CONTACT PERSON IS JULIA AT 518-249-4588


Animalkind cat adopt Samantha
SAMANTHA: My name is Samantha and I am Dolly’s sister (she is also on this site). I am looking for a forever home as my human has had to go to a nursing home. I am not as active and busy as my sister, but I also love to play with the red dot of a laser pointer. What I lack in activity level, I make up in companionship. If you will let me, I could sit in your lap or next to you for hours. My only special need is that I am on a special cat food that I get from my Doctor. I have a chronic kidney problem that is controlled with this food. This is a very good diet for all cats, so my sister and I dine together. My current caregiver is willing to make a donation towards my dietary needs. My sister and I are both spayed. I would make a wonderful companion for either a single or retired person. I would probably be a little reclusive in a very active household. Like my sister, I have never seen a baby or a dog, so I don’t know how I would react. Would you also please consider me for adoption? If someone would take us both together, that would be just the CAT’S MEOW!!!! Please call Bonnie at (845) 331-0451 for more information on Samantha.


Animalkind cat adoption Pebbles

SKY: Adult female Domestic Shorthair, Gray Tabby.  This exquisite 5-6 year old lady may charm her way into your life and home. See her solo video and the video taken with her companion Pebbles (also on this site). If you are interested in learning more and possibly providing her a forever home, please call her foster mom Julia at (646) 429-8882.


BECKHAM: Beckham, medium long haired, male, young tabby. Beckham was adopted as a tiny baby who had been found under a car with his siblings on the lower East Side of Manhattan. Because of his human’s ill health he is once again in search of a stable and loving home. He is but 2 years old and quite a beauty. His tail will soon be a magnificent bushy plume again but because after it had become badly matted, it needed to be cut. Beckham’s video clip may be seen here. If you’d like to learn more about Beckham, please call his foster mom Julia at (646) 429-8882.


ROXY: Young female, white with black. Roxy was rescued from a shelter in summer, 2011/ She was weak and emaciated, but trying her best to keep her four newborns alive. Roxy’s babies didn’t make it, but with tender loving care, she came out of her depression and put on weight to became the delightful 2 year-old she is today, awaiting her forever home. Roxy loves water; this video was taken of her at the kitchen sink over the summer. This is Roxy all filled out in January of 2012. To learn more about whether she may be the perfect addition to your family, please call foster mom Julia at (646) 429-8882.


Animalkind cat adoption
CHARLIE: Black and white Tuxedo kitty, less than two years young. He is up-to-date with shots and has been neutered. Friendly, affectionate and playful, Charlie is an indoor cat who is looking for a person who has no other pets. Charlie comes complete with toys, food and water dishes, a scratching post, a kitty condo and bed…all ready to come and live with someone kind and loving, like you! Please call (518) 678-2389 for more information on Charlie.


Animalkind cat adoption
MYSTERY: This young female Calico was living on the front porch of a cat hoarder in the Bronx. She is a lithe and lovely girl, about 9 months old as of August 2011. See her YouTube video. To learn if you might have the right home for this sweet and playful beauty please call her foster mom Julia at (646) 429-8882.


Animalkind cat adoption
MIDNIGHT:  Adult, Female, Domestic Shorthair, black with white. This is a sweet giant of a girl. Watch her video to see her story. If you think she might be the girl for you, please learn more by contacting her foster mom Julia at (646) 429-8882.


Animalkind cat adoption
SMOKEY: Adult male, Domestic Shorthair, Gray and White. Handsome Smokey is a five year-old lover who came in with Sky and Pebbles (also on this site). He arrived in foster care on a Friday night and was very frightened for several days. This video was taken on his fifth day and shows what a lover he is when feeling safe. If you think you might consider providing him with his forever home, please call his foster mom Julia at (646) 429-8882.


Animalkind cat adopt Margie
MARGIE: Young female, Tuxedo. Little Margie was rescued from certain death this past Saturday July 21st. She was noticed in the Bronx unable to give birth to a stillborn kitten. Margie is only a baby herself and is going to be a very small cat when she finishes growing. After her emergency c-section, there were two tiny kittens left alive but Margie had not a drop of milk for them. We took in a nursing mom mother cat and her litter from a kill shelter in NYC to take over Margie’s maternal duties. Now this little girl needs a home. She is sweet, lovely, diminutive in stature, and quite a trooper considering her ordeal. To learn more about this ex teen mom, please call her foster mom Julia at 646-429-8882. Julia’s fosters require a home visit, vet reference, and an adoption fee (which helps to offset the feeding and medical care of her many four footed charges), as well as the perfect match between adopter and adopted. Here is Margie’s video.


Animalkind cat adopt
MINDY: Beautiful 7 yr. old long-hair blonde cat. She is very sweet and loving, and used to living indoors with other cats. She is spayed and up to date on all vaccinations. If you would like to consider adopting Mindy, please submit an Adoption Application (copy and paste, and complete) and then email to


Animalkind cat adopt
RUDY:  Handsome 8 yr. old male Tuxedo. He is wonderful with people and loves to sit on your lap. Rudy is an indoor cat who gets along with other cats. He is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations. If you would are interesting in possibly adopting Rudy, please submit an Adoption Application (copy and paste, and complete) and then email to


Animalkind cat adopt
GEM: Small young female Domestic Short Hair. Gem was found in a building courtyard by a neighbor. She had been tossed out to fend for herself as is altogether too common an occurrence. She is a petite one year-old sweetheart of a girl. If after viewing her video you would like to learn more about possibly having her join your family, please call her foster mom Julia at 518-249-4588. (PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ANIMALKIND FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PET.) Julia’s fosters require a home visit, vet reference and the perfect match between two and four footed. There is also an adoption fee which helps offset some of the medical, feeding, and miscellaneous costs associated with the care of her many fosters. See Gem’s video .


Animalkind cat adoption

LOSING THEIR HOME: These are cats from an 80 year old woman that is suffering from dementia and will soon have to be placed in a nursing home. She used to be very active in cat rescue up until her recent diagnosis, so we would love to place her cats in good homes to relieve her worry about them. Exact ages of these are not known; they range from 5 years and older.

The first one (upper left) is Diana, she is an orange/grey calico, she is shy. Next is Igor (upper right), a big, beautiful tiger cat with a lazy eye. He’s a little shy. Amelia, black and white (middle row left), is about 8 years old and a real lap cat who will want to get up in your face. She’s “a tad” overweight. Destiny, black Tuxedo, (middle row right) is super friendly and has extra toes, sits on her back feet and waves her paws in the air. Mr. Bo Jangles (bottom) is a very large black formerly-outside cat. He loves to eat, and as a consequence, is “a tad” overweight. For more information on these sweeties, please do not contact Animalkind but email Jess at


Animalkind cat adopt Tiger
TIGER: This vivacious 2 year-old orange boy is friendly and likes people, but wants very badly to be a mostly outdoor cat. If you are seeking a mouser, Tiger’s your guy. For more information on this handsome guy, please email Tamara at To save time, please complete, copy, paste and email an Adoption Application when inquiring.

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